The facts about Heart Disease are startling and unknown to many women. The Queen of Hearts Foundation® is taking a stand on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of women who have died not knowing the diseases that have an impact on heart health.

Heart disease does not discriminate. Women from all cultures and of all ages have the potential of being impacted by Heart Disease if they continue to go uneducated. Many women are unaware of the warning signs which put them at risk. There are many risk factors that contribute to the degeneration of the heart. Lack of daily exercise and healthy eating coupled with unhealthy life style habits lead many women to have diabetes, high cholesterol and coronary artery disease.

The Queen of Hearts Foundation has a nationwide intervention program called “Healing the Heart” where we share information, nutrition facts, medical resources and relationships to promote prevention.

We are committed to sharing information about symptoms and statistics through awareness, education and information. Women today can beat heart disease through early intervention and prevention and by making the decision to live a heart healthy life.